About Us

What we do:

  • Academic editing (projects, assignments, dissertations and theses)
  • Non-academic editing (CVs, pamphlets, flyers, letters, advertisements, website content, textbook editing and fiction editing)
  • Website content writing
  • Plain language editing
  • Other content writing (pamphlets, flyers, advertisements)
  • Proofreading

How it works:


Editing rates are document specific and depend on what services are required by the client.
To request a quote, go to the Request a Quote page and fill in the details which will be sent to us via email.
These details will ensure a fair and accurate quote.

Please note: There is a minimum fee on any one, single document charged at R250.00.

Rates are usually calculated on the number of words in the document, using the following formula:

No. of pages x ┬▒330 words/page = ┬▒Total no. of words

Also included in the calculation of rates are additional requirements, such as macro editing and inclusion/exclusion of tables, bibliography and other such extras.
After hours or urgent work that results in after hours/weekend work will be charged at 2x the normal rate.
Re-editing is usually charged at 0.5x the normal rate.
PDF formats will be charged at 2x the normal rate for conversion.

Information We Require

  • Type of document, document details and requirements (see Request a Quote)
  • Sample pages
  • Style sheet/list of specifications (to ensure that the correct referencing and formatting is used)
  • Microsoft Word format
  • Required date of completion of the work
  • Indication of if the work is urgent